Ready to Let Go of the Past to Live a Life of Passion and Purpose?

I coach you through a proven methodology that works... so you can have success, love and happiness!

Ready for Meaning, Purpose and Direction?

The EVOLVE NOW! Transformation Program helps you uncover and live your passion and purpose so you can make a good income from doing what you love.

If you want to stop worrying and start living, and realise your true potential, ours could be the most important 60-minute conversation you’ll ever have.

You've attended personal development workshops, read self-help books, and they all tell you what you need to do - to Let Go of the Past, to Live Your Passions, to Find Your Purpose... BUT no one shows you how to do all that, do they?

We’ve all (me included) spent thousands of dollars on programs that promise the earth. Buying into the hype, excitedly handing over the cash and then rarely seeing any results.

Most of my clients are just like you and me. They feel frustrated because they don’t see how to move forward in their life. They can’t see how they can get past themselves to discover what truly makes them happy, or even when they do, there still seems to be emotional and motivational blocks that stop them from taking action.

That’s the genius of this program – a collection of 3 courses that gives you the why’s, what’s and how-to’s of the 8 principles for achieving the trifecta of success, love and happiness…

It is an immersive and experiential program giving you the full experience of mental, emotional and spiritual breakthroughs to discover answers within you that are in line with your passion and purpose.

This is a journey of learning, growing and transforming like nothing else you’ve experienced!



A 3 day course that uses the power of archetypes to discover or re-discover your passion and purpose, and gain clarity, meaning and purpose in your life.

  • Discover your passion and purpose
  • Find out what lights you up
  • Discover your ideals, your wants, your hopes
  • Begin the journey of healing the past
  • Create success and happiness in a chosen area of your life, and see that happiness permeate and energise other areas of your life
  • Permission to use all tools, processes and resources for 1-on-1 coaching
  • Recognised Passion and Purpose Coaching qualification


A 3 day course to identify past repeated patterns that no longer serve you, transform negative programming from people and events from the past so you can live your passion and purpose, and achieve true balance in your life.

  • Clear negative parental programming
  • Fully let go of childhood, teenage and adult situations and events that prevent success, love and happiness
  • Clear blockages to success
  • Create empowering behaviour patterns
  • Learn how to get out of the “drama cycle” so you can live your passion and purpose
  • Tap into both masculine and feminine aspects within you to create true balance
  • Permission to use all tools, processes and resources for 1-on-1 coaching
  • Recognised Masculine and Feminine Coaching qualification


A 3-day course to transform the matrix of emotions of anger, sadness, fear and guilt to elevate self-worth and self-esteem, silence the inner critic, and stop self-sabotage by integrating the body, mind and emotions.

  • Shift negative emotions to resourceful behaviours so you can respond, rather than react, to people, situations and circumstances
  • Elevate your emotional intelligence
  • Learn to tap into your intuition to make quicker and better decisions
  • Silence your inner critic
  • Create positive boundaries in any kind of relationship
  • Uncover the subconscious meanings from dreams
  • Permission to use all tools, processes and resources for 1-on-1 coaching
  • Recognised Matrix Therapies Coaching qualification

What they say about this program

It is the most amazing journey of discovery, validation and connection that is just essential. I have been able to start to see what is missing and move towards finding it!

~Gretel Khan
The work/processes help highlight and clear obstacles and empower the student to continue the journey in their passions.

~Sean Renner

Such a powerful way to understand what drives someone and how that came to be. Compelling!

[This program] is really powerful and transformative…

Come and discover your superhero origin story and how you got your super powers!

~Andrew Ramsden

“I loved it all!!! It is life-changing especially if you are feeling stuck and not knowing what to do about it. I have re-discovered who I truly am – [my] authentic self.”

~Leanne Hamilton
“I’m so grateful for Andrew. …for helping a lot of people”

~Hone Pearson

“Just do it… I now know my best way forward and how I work “

~Nicole Scheib


“Learning and undestanding what your archetypes are… It outlines who and why you are who you are, and how to harness this moving forward!”

~Don Brady

“Can I say I really did enjoy everything, every part of this training!”

~Kim Minniecon

This is a premium program exclusively for those who are committed to real outcomes in the shortest possible time!
To see if this program is a fit, schedule a chat with your Passion and Purpose Coach, Andrew Low!